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отзыв: Леша

The worst company ever!!! The flight from Ivano-Frankivsk on the 27th of October 2019 was delayed for 5 hours. My husband was waiting for 5 hours for his plane. As a result he missed his plane to China. The company even didn't provide some water for the people waiting. The lady at the information desk was rude and her English service was poor. The announcements were only in Ukrainian. And he, being a foreigner, had to ask about the new info all the time. But the most awful thing was that in the end he had to pay 420 hryvnias for check-in. He didn't receive any message with the invitation for online check-in and didn't know about this rule on domestic flights in Ukraine. He could not do the check-in at the airport, though he arrived 2 hours prior to his flight, because the check-in desk was closed all the time. And in the end they told him he could have done this at the information desk.