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In December 2022 I made a contract with the company Legesol d.o.o. signed by Maja Gliha about providing me with immigration services. I suppose, Eucitizensships and EucitizenService (it is the same company using the same ip numbers and similar texts on their web sites) are just the names of the “brands” and when it comes to contracts, they use different companies. I paid extra money for 4 months quick service. I communicated with Grigor Dimitrov, Denis Pavlov, Christoff Ristis and they all were available when it came to payments and money issues. There are also other people in this “TOP 100 most influential law firm”: Peter, Michael, Eduard, Irina….
I paid huge extras to initial contract cost as they
told me it was the only option for my family and finally it was agreed that they would complete their duties according to our contract in November. By now they stopped any communications with me, my calls are being dumped, my massages are not being replied. The last letter I received from them was a new paper which says that my oath would postponed for indefinite period of time because of Ukraine. Suppose, this is the end of the story. I assume, all the names of these people are false. But they use real names when provide you with the documents. For example, I made a power of attorney on the name of Andrei Koszti which is a real Romanian lawyer and all my documents were notarized by the Andrej Soemen who is a really existing notary in Ptuj, Slovenia. This is what I am going to do next - find these people and let them know how their names were used in this scam.