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I am also a victim of these scammers. I paid them more than 60 000 euros for the case for the family of 3 members. They have been asking for more and more money for this and that (also 20 000 euros for making the fast track for my case) and finally stopped replying telephone calls and massages. All the names and people mentioned in other reviews also "helped" me with my case. Grigor from Bulgaria was the first "lawyer". Then he disappeared without Good Buy. After him there was Denis who also completely disappeared in October 2023. There was also this Cristof who had to arrange the oath taking. After getting 30 000 euros for the Oath in Vienna which were confirmed with official letters, he also completely vanished.Suppose, those documents were false. My contract was with Legesol company. And all the papers were prepared by this Andrey Koszti the Romanian lawyer and notarized by the same slovenian notary mentioned in the other reviews. When I made this contract with them in December 2022, I found couple of not very good reviews about EUCitizensship (not as many as you can see now), but they told me that there were no concrete details in those reviews, so why should I trust them. Well, now the real people and victims of this scheme try to tell to the other people not to deal with this company and put details in their reviews, but "honest" reviews platforms remove them because of personal information of the members of this scum. Let the whole world know about these cheaters! DO NOT PAY them. You will stay without the money and without the service you pay for. Choose the company where you can actually meet with the people in person, check their IDs, find real customers and have a talk with them.